0.3.0 [2015-01-10]

New features

  • Updated to latest gradle version 1.0.0
  • Added AdkMessage class, which exposes the raw byte[] array with some utility methods to get string, byte, int and float representations
  • Issue #13: refactoring AdkManager to expose a common interface for read() and write()
  • Issue #16: AdkManager constructor now accept an Activity context to initialize the accessory

Backwards incompatible changes from 0.2.x

  • removed writeSerial(String text)
  • removed writeSerial(int value)
  • removed readSerial()
  • removed readString()
  • removed readByte()

0.2.1 [2014-10-14]

  • writeSerial now accept both byte and String values
  • readSerial is now deprecated and default to readString method
  • Added readString and readByte so you can read String and byte values from the serial port


  • Fixed documentation: #9

0.2.0 [2014-03-24]

  • FileInputStream and FileOutputStream are protected so they can be mocked easily during testing
  • Testing with Mockito


  • Better input/output stream management to avoid NullPointerException on Accessory loading

Backwards incompatible changes in 0.2.0

  • Some class/method names are misleading so readText/sendText become readSerial/writeSerial and closeAdk/resumeAdk become close/open
  • AdkReceiver has been removed because the actual implementation of read/write can handle multiple char

0.1.0 [2014-02-05]

  • ADK fast constructor
  • Simple default implementation of Broadcast receiver and IntentFilter
  • Writing and reading features available
  • Simple AsyncTask support